Gremkroff, space mercenary, condemned to 120 years in Gulake's Max Security Prison, is busted out in a raid by the Kerg Korporation.

  But not for free, he is to retrieve an ancient artifact from the ruins in the moon known as Durgokh Frak.


  This project was done for the spacebunnyjam, which I didn't manage to finish on time. I added more things than what was initially decided, but not so much as to be a full on game.

  Its pretty much 5-10 minutes long so I think about it more as a prototype. In any case, Its the first video-game thing I publish so I'm more than happy about it.

  Give it a shot and tell me what you think, opinions are more than welcomed.

  PD: Do you like how the shop widgets are rebelliously trying to escape from the borders?

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