NeoParadise: Rampage is a card game set in a science fiction, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic world where 4 factions slaughter each other for "survival".

    In order to eliminate the new god, born from the dark tech of the first era, a massive purge was performed on the planet by the hand of the "Angels". One of them, Sachiel, was contaminated and his mixture with the human race initiated the world's third post-apocalyptic era.

    Four factions rule this side of the continent now; The cannibal giant knights known as The Stone Kingdom, sons of Sachiel. The gas-mask pacifists who made The Sanctuary of Narebashnatar and use the blood of their deity to fuel their technology. The army of a million slaves known as The Arzala Empire, controlled by a demon living in the underground city of Rakamet. And the bio-cyber inhabitants of Dalos Labyrinth who recycle all kinds of materials, specially the Organika of dead beings, to expand their living tower city.


   • The 4 groups have different play styles but that's not all. Each faction either  adds or changes a rule of the game to their advantage, but that's not all! Each faction also possess a different resource system!

   • How to win, during the match players will play buildings (one of the 3 card types) to form their "base". This constructions can be damaged and the moment your enemy has no more of them in the field, you win.

   • We have 2 ways of playing, one in which you play with your deck in 1 pile, and another in which you separate your deck in 2 piles. You can choose from which pile you draw your card each turn. This decreases luck and increases strategy.


    A big part of the game is that all factions are broken and fragile at the same time. All of them can win or lose against all of the others in a ridiculous way, specially when you get the hang of it.

    In this game we have 3 card types, Units, Buildings and Interventions. Units represent your "troops", Buildings make your base and Interventions are standalone effects. You can't cancel enemy effects in this game, only normal attacks from Units.

    While it's not difficult to learn, specially if you have played other card games, the fact that every faction is so different might make you feel you are learning 4 games at the same time...Might.

    This game involves basic math and the use of tokens, this can be managed with D10s (ten-sided die). This game comes only with one D6 (six-sided die), so if you don't have any dice you may want to get some. You can check the "Game Parts" zone in The Game Crafter (the webpage where we sell the game). They have all kinds of dice, of all kinds of colors.

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